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<h3><strong>I have a problem making a booking!</strong></h3>

Please follow the following booking process:

1. Under the tab “Wine Tours”, select “Book your wine tour“,

2. Select your preferred wine tour from our selection of tours,

3. On the calendar page first select a date and wait for a time selection under the calendar to show,

4. Select a time, if there are still bookable slots available, the “Check Availability” button will activate,

5. After pressing the “Check Availability” button, your preferred tour has been added to your cart,

6. Continue for another tour or go to your cart by hitting the view cart button above the calendar,

7. On the Cart page, check your tour and continue your reservation by pressing the button “Proceed to checkout”,

8. On the “check-out” page, fill-in the billing details and additional notes if required and press the button “Request Confirmation:,

9. Wait for the spinning wheel to finish (this make take a few seconds), the next screen gives a confirmation of your received booking AND that “Your booking is awaiting confirmation. You will be notified by email as soon as we’ve confirmed availability.” If you filled-in a correct e-mail address you will receive a confirmation of your reservation as soon as possible by e-mail. With this confirmation you will have the option to make a payment with PayPal OR you can choose to make a Bank Transfer as a secondary option,

10. This concludes your Booking.

Thank you for choosing Vinitour for an unforgettable wine tour!

<h3><strong>Can you help me ship my wine to my home?</strong></h3>

Of course we can. We have competitive prices to ship you wines to your homeland. However did you consider this solution?

How do I get to Sancerre from Paris?

Do you come from Paris and do you want to make an excursion of 3 hours or maybe a whole day? Then take the train at Paris Bercy ( either at 7:11 am, 9:11 am or 2:11 pm) to Tracy-sur-Loire (arriving at 9:05 am 11:05 am or 4:05 pm) and for the return with the train of Tracy (2:53 pm or 6:55 pm)  arriving at Paris Bercy (4:49 pm or 8:49 pm). You are only a two hours train ride away from Paris! However, Vinitour advises you in this case to take the full-day excursion. Vinitour will pick you up and drop you off at Tracy!

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

Hope you're well and you take care of you and your family in this extremely difficult and unpredictable time. Here at SancerreWineTours, we are planning for the future, and we are determined to move forward in a positive way. We know that this situation will not be forever and that our customer base will remain loyal through the difficulties. In turn, we will remain loyal to you. So, we offer you the opportunity to amend your booking free of charge and travel later this year or in 2021 to provide you as much flexibility as possible. If you already paid a deposit, next time when you come, we would charge you only the balance.